Kishore Babu Yadala

(Hon’ble Chairman –Clement Educational Institutions)

“I strongly believe persons are expressing oral perseverance than persisting till their goal would be fruitful.”

Though I am a legal adviser, having abundant interest giving advises in academics and socio economic imbalances.

I crossed over enumerable hurdles cum burdles by powerty and social economic status which are prevailing in the society and so on, but my buds (students) should not be faced any of the above problems in our society.. And upon which, the only one greatest weapon to assassinate it none other than education …in professional studies, medical courses are taking a vital part in the universe.

After all my bitter cum sweet experiences in my life the CLEMENT was seeded at our Guntur to facilitate poor people’s education and academic evaluations… since we have been producing medicos not only in our country but also in other countries as well. I wish all our students’ academic endeavors would be fruitful by their dedication, concentration and courage.

Thank you

Yadala Kishore Babu

Hon’ble Chairman

Clement Educational Institutions

Our Teaching Team

All most all the staff got more than 12 years teaching and competitive teaching experience in academic examinations. It is an additional asset all of them having hold their Doctorates and Master of Philosophies.The details of our staff members have been mentioned in the following